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Elite Membership

Discussion in 'News' started by MarlyNL, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. MarlyNL

    MarlyNL GTRacer Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 26, 2010
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    Today I have changed the Elite Membership handling.
    So when someone tries to become elite and the payment was succesfully done you should become an elite member soon as possible (should be the same).
    But when the payment is not succesfull, might be due to no money on your PayPal account you won't be an elite member directly (even if it told you that it was succesfull).
    I will monitor the payment, untill it is cleared, and then you will become elite member.
    This is working automatically but good take some days, as PayPal will try to get the money from your bank account or credit card.

    I had to change it as I noticed that this got abused the last few days.
    This was done from one PayPal account and elite was bought for several players.
    I won't remove the elite membership from the players involved as they paid someone to become elite.
    I take my loss in this case, and therefore the system is now working a little bit different.

    So please take in mind that the system is changed when you buy elite from someone else.
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  2. VDuBBeR

    VDuBBeR GTRacer Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 2, 2010
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    Great one.. no room for that.
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  3. p1nt0

    p1nt0 GTRacer Guru

    Jan 31, 2013
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    Wow, that really stinks Marc. Sorry. Glad to hear you have a work around in place.
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  4. nikiforenko

    nikiforenko GTRacer Addict

    Apr 14, 2016
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    That was fishy indeed good thing you took care of it.

    Since the user in question got me an elite membership (without me asking for it) and obviously didn't pay for it, I have no problem if you revoke it
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