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Performance Index

Jul 28, 2017
Performance Index
  • The P.I. - Performance Index - is a value based on the Statistics which defines how "good" a car is.:)

    Basically, the P.I. is based on the following Statistics (in order of importance)
    • Amount of HP
    • Handling
    • Amount of Nm
    • Weight

    Different classes(top)

    There are 9 different classes, explained here.

    Class F (between 100 and 200) 200.png
    Class E (between 201 and 250) 250.png
    Class D (between 251 and 300) 300.png
    Class C (between 301 and 400) 400.png
    Class B (between 401 and 500) 500.png
    Class A (between 501 and 600) 600.png
    Class S (between 601 and 700) 700.png
    Class R (between 701 and 998 ) 998.png
    Class X (maximal value is 999) 999.png

    Default P.I. value(top)

    The default P.I. is the P.I. of a car when it's completely stock.

    The default P.I. of a car is for example F 150. In that case, the default class is F.

    To find out the default P.I. value, visit the Car Base (Elite Members only)

    Tires and P.I.(top)

    If you change your tires, the P.I. value won't change, only the Handling change if you install diferent kind of tires.


    Tuning limit(top)

    If you Strengthen The Chassis of a car, there is no tune limit. This means that you can tune a class F car untill class X!

    If you did not Strengthen The Chassis, you can tune to 3 classes maximum. So: From class F to class C. From E to B. Etc.

    (Technical) part limitation(top)

    You can mount parts with an equal or higher class than the default class.

    For example:
    • you CAN install a class A part on a class F car
    • you CAN NOT install a class E part on a class B car

    Car modification limitation(top)

    Car Modifications are class limited. You can view all the Car Modifications and their class limits in your Garage.

    Engine modification limitation(top)

    There is also an engine modification limit, class based.
    There's a detailed guide about Engine Tuning.

    Fuelsystem limitation(top)

    You can install fuelsystems on engines of the same class.
    If the car has a non-stock engine, you can find out the engine class under the "edit/view Technical parts" option in your Garage.

    For example:
    • you CAN install a class E fuelsystem on a class E engine
    • you CAN NOT install a class F fuelsystem on a class D engine

    User limitations(top)

    There is NO user limitation based on the car class. This means that a level 1 user could buy a Ferrari F40, if he had the money for it.

    P.I. visible while tuning(top)

    In some features, the hypothetical new P.I. value is visible BEFORE you actually apply the tune mod:
    Also, while tuning your car (both technical and bodywork) the changing P.I. is visible.

    Drag races(top)

    You can create a class based drag race. If you start this race with a class F car, then only people with a class F car will be able to join.

    If you start a free class race, there is no P.I. limit.
    Drag racing is the exact opposite of Circuit racing.
    To get a good drag racer, you'll want more HP than Nm. For example: 200hp 300nm(bad) 300hp 200nm(very good)
    Do NOT test circuit Cars using a dyno run, as Circuit racing and Drag racing are hemispheres apart.

    Circuit races(top)

    Instead of a HP limitation per circuit race, there is now a class limitation.

    If there is, for example, a class A circuit race, you are allowed to join with a class A car or higher (B, C, D, E, F)

    The only exception are the Class X races: These races are only joinable with a class X car.
    FWD X-treme races are however joinable with a lower class
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