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Used terms

Aug 20, 2015
Used terms

  • User level(top)


    User levels are determined by the amount of XP you have. You can reach level 100 maximum. If you want to know more about XP points, look beneath here.

    P.I. (Performance Index) (top)

    The P.I. - Performance Index - is a value based on the Statistics which defines how "good" a car is.

    Basically, the P.I. is based on the following Statistics (in order of importance)
    • Amount of HP
    • Handling
    • Amount of Nm
    • Weight
    For detailed info about the P.I. system, visit the [Wiki]Performance Index[/Wiki] page.

    Revision kit (top)

    It could happen that your car is not repairable. A Revision kit can help. You can buy revision kits in the 'Revision Revolution' shop, or in the user Dealerships (for the given brand). You can buy a limited amount of revkits each day according to your membership status. Normally you can buy 5 per day, but with Elite Membership you can buy 10 revkits a day. You receive universal revision kits as a reward if you achieve certain user levels.:)
    You´re able to get universal X kits as a reward if you get Elite.

    Class limitations also apply for revision kits. For example, a C class Revision kit is usable on a D class car, but not on an B class car or higher. :)


    For a few operations you gain XP points:

    • Buying a car at the Car dealer (5xp).
    • Sell a car to the dealer (2xp).
    • Participate in a car meeting (2xp).
    • Win a price at a car meeting (4-10xp).
    • Participate in a user drag race.
    • Win a user drag race (4xp).
    • Participate in a circuit race (3xp).
    • Be in the top3 (top5 when there are at least 8 participants) in a circuit race (4-8xp) (4-10xp for Club race).
    • Win a computer drag race (1-3xp).
    • Begin a shop. (Shopping)
    • Wash or polish your car (1xp).
    If the computer says: "You have the best looking car", you will only get 1xp point if you win....
    For example, the computer says: "The computer has the best car", and you won the race, you will earn 3xp points. But if you lose, either way you will get 1 XP point.


    Stylepoints are a hidden values, which determines how beautiful a car is.

    Stylepoints are linked to:

    Unique colors (top)

    The color defines the uniqueness of the car, engine or (body) part.

    Unique (green)(top)(top)

    Green colored Cars are called unique. In fact, they are not unique, but rare. You cannot buy these Cars in the computer Dealerships, but you can in user operated Dealerships. You can win these Cars by gaining a higher user level, or for an Elite reward. You cannot sell green colored Cars trough your Car lot

    • Unique aftermarket parts cannot be bought in-game.
    • Unique stock Body parts can only be bought by user Dealerships.
    • Unique revision kits can be bought at user Dealerships.
    • Universal unique revision kits cannot be bought, you can get them only as a reward for a user level.

    Epic (purple)(top)(top)

    An epic car can only appear in the game once. So they are quite rare. :-) They can be won as part of the Championships or a contest that the admin is holding on the forums.

    There are no epic aftermarket parts.

    Special (red) (top)(top)

    Currently, only Formula 1 and Kart Cars are red coloured. You cannot tune them, or sell them. Everyone can buy karts, but only a Club owner can buy F-1 Cars from the Formula 1 car dealership.