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Wiki help

Jan 12, 2013
Wiki help
  • Do you want to contribute to the GTRacer Wiki? That is easy, and appreciated.

    You can simply edit existing pages with the (edit) button in the top right of every page. You can upload images, use smilies :) , and all the other features of this forum.

    To create a page, click 'Create new page' in top of this screen. Give your page a simple name, such as: Drag races.

    Why? Well, this Wiki automatically links to your page if someone mentions the page name! This way your page can be found easily.

    You can also include an existing page, with this syntax:

    to include the XP page, like this:

    For a few operations you gain XP points:

    • Buying a car at the Car dealer (5xp).
    • Sell a car to the dealer (2xp).
    • Participate in a car meeting (2xp).
    • Win a price at a car meeting (4-10xp).
    • Participate in a user drag race.
    • Win a user drag race (4xp).
    • Participate in a circuit race (3xp).
    • Be in the top3 (top5 when there are at least 8 participants) in a circuit race (4-8xp) (4-10xp for Club race).
    • Win a computer drag race (1-3xp).
    • Begin a shop. (Shopping)
    • Wash or polish your car (1xp).
    If the computer says: "You have the best looking car", you will get 4xp point if you win....
    For the opposite example, when the computer says: "The computer has the best car", and you win the race, you will earn 3xp points. But if you lose, either way you will get 1 XP point.

    A stub (een beginnetje)(top)

    If you are working on a page, but you want to let people know you are not finished yet, include this code in the top of your page to mark it as a stub:

    [ template=stub][/template]
    (without the space between the [ and template)
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